About Anela dj

Antonella Anela, a.k.a. ANELA born in


She started as a model until she

discovered the Techno that was love at first


She turned her passion into a job. First

deejay, she was a producer of her own

track, D:Vision, Autektone, Reload Black, gain Records, BlackKat Records.

Anela has also achieved an intense musical background in Amsterdam. Today she is

ready, with her style, to play in the  most 

famous clubs in  Europe.

Contact (Bookings, Promos, Remix): 

Releases :

- Blow It ℗ D:Vision

-Orion ℗ IAMT Red Label
-Phoenix ℗ IAMT Red Label


-Titan ℗ IAMT Label 
-Triton ℗ IAMT Label

-Touch My Body ℗  Black Snake Records

Selections V.2. (Various Artist)

- Chrome  ℗ Autektone Dark

- Create  ℗  Autektone Dark

- Der bass ℗ Autektone Dark

- Don't Cry ℗ Autektone Dark

Tektones #6 (Selected By T78)
- Black ℗ Autektone Records


- Back To You ℗ Gain Records

- Loose Yourself ℗ Gain Records

- Pulse ℗ Gain Records

- Pulse Remix by N.O.B.A. ℗ Gain Records

- Be Yourself ℗ Eclipse Label

- Find My Self ℗ Eclipse Label

- This Way ℗ Eclipse Label

- All I Wanna Be ℗ BlackKat Label

- All I Wanna Be Remix by 

  Sasha Romaniuk & Sopik 

   ℗ BlackKat Label

- He Said To Me ℗ BlackKat Label

- He Said To me Remix by

  John P ℗ BlackKat Label

- He Said To Me Remix by 

  Mha Iri ℗ BlackKat Label

- Circle ℗ Reload Black Label
- Hydro ℗ Reload Black Label
- Space ℗ Reload Black Label